The Peacock Inn - Princeton, New Jersey, NJ 08540, United States
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Maj was born in upstate New York and was raised in central New Jersey. He has spent much of his working life in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Coming up in the industry has meant he has worked in virtually every position possible, from dishwasher to bartender. He found his way to The Peacock Inn in 2011 and worked under the opening chef as his Sous Chef for four years. Previous to The Peacock Inn, Maj worked at SoHo on George in New Brunswick.

Maj’s philosophy in the kitchen not only encompasses teaching proper technique and appreciation for ingredients but also instilling an ethos of integrity, leadership and empowerment. His personal struggles as a young man taught him many valuable lessons which have instilled a sense of purpose and an unrelenting drive to improve in all facets of life, both personal and professional.

During Maj’s time at The Peacock Inn, he met is now wife, Michelle Parvez, who is also the Event Coordinator. Outside the kitchen, Maj enjoys spending time with his family and leads an active and healthy lifestyle.

Maj’s approach to food is very simple: use the best, seasonal, ingredients you can find and allow their voice to be heard. Now as the Executive Chef, Maj looks forward to keeping The Peacock Inn as one of New Jersey’s top fine dining restaurants.

April 2016

Four Diamond Award 2017 Open Table Diners' Choice 2017 The Peacock Tripadvisor Award 2016 Ascend